FEAST Training in Cameroon

FEAST training at University of Dschang, Cameroon 5-8 March 2013.
Feed assessment training on the FEAST tool conducted by Brigitte Maass (CIAT) was on the theoretic basis of the tool at University of Dschang and with a field assessment to generate data in Badengang (quartier), Batcham village in the western highlands of Cameroon. Participants included university staff, students, cavy farmers and members of the regional Cavy Innovation Platform.
Participants of the FEAST training in Dschang, Cameroon

FEAST Materials - modified for DRC

Questionnaire adapted to cavy culture and translated into French

Forage identification template

Forage identification preliminary report

Budget & workplan FEAST

Demonstration trials in DRC

Protocole Valence

Protocole Mushagala